I suffered from arthritis and bulging discs in my lower back which kept me from my favourite exercise, running the treadmill.  Within 5 sessions of working out with Marayka from taught + toned I’m delighted that my core has strengthened up enough for me to get back on the treadmill without any concerns. My body has tightened and pulled in all the right places. Marayka was able to tailor the workouts to my specific goals. She motivated and inspired me with her knowledge and I’m so happy that I now have this valuable tool for life and can do these wonderfully effective exercises anytime I like!
I’m noticing great changes in my physical shape in weeks of working with taught + toned that no amount of ‘normal’ exercising over the years has managed to reveal. I am so incredibly grateful to Marayka, she is winding back the clock on my derriere! And she makes it fun too.
I started doing SA Callanetics with Marayka 18 months ago. The very specific and targeted exercises comprising the programme have toned all my problem areas (back fat, muffin tops and saddlebags to name a few) as well as improving my flexibility and core strength.  The exercises had a noticable impact on my body and appearance after only a few hours - lenghtening and tightening my muscles without building bulk, strengthening my pelvic floor and curing my long standing back pain - an my improvement has been continuous.  The exercises remain challenging and fresh and can be easily adapted to any level of fitness and flexibility.
Hannah | Aged 41