Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines the way in which taught + toned gathers, uses and stores information collected from all users and visitors to and applies to all products, services and information offered by taught + toned, including that on this website.

taught + toned understands and respects that Personal Information and Privacy is something we are entrusted with by our site visitors and clients, and take this responsibility seriously.

Your Personal Information

Your Personal information includes any personally identifying information which you have provided to us in the course of using this website, such as submitting a form, purchasing a product or service, subscribing to a newsletter or service, or contacting our office.

You can choose not to provide any information and be an anonymous site user, however this may impact on the way we can best provide information and services to you.

Information such as your IP address may also be trackable in certain situations when interacting with the website.

Non-Personally Identifying Information

Use of any website involves some non-identifying information being recorded, such as what web browser is being used to view the site, the operating system of the computer (eg. Windows XP, or Mac OS) and again IP address.

Website Cookies

Cookies are tiny pieces of data which track your interaction with a site and sit on your local computer.  They are used to make the website experience easier for you, for example remembering you have been to a site previously and remembering your login names or certain settings you have chosen while viewing the site.

These cookies are not stored by us, but on your local computer.  You can disable cookies when browsing this (and other) sites, however this may result in not having the best user experience, and / or parts of the site not appearing to function correctly.

Website Analytics

We have installed on our computer Google Analytics tracking code, which helps us view information such as which pages are most popular, which pages users enter and leave our website from, and how website users as a group interact with our site.  For detailed information about what information can be collected using Google Analytics code, please find out more here.

The Use and Purpose of collected information.

taught + toned uses collected information in the following ways

•    To be able to improve our website users experience by making adjustments based on actual use of the website.
•    To be able to create a personalised experience, for example remembering your favourites, or items in your shopping cart.
•    To add to the bank of information and frequently asked questions based on requests and questions submitted to us on and off the website.
•    To send newsletters, information or phone users, based on specific requests for same.
•    To send important or critical information to clients of taught + toned where taught + toned deem in good faith for this information to be relevant and important (for example service outages, security concerns etc)

taught + toned also use a Customer Relationship Management system in order to ensure our business services can be provide in the most efficient and timely manner.  This may include a record of our interactions with you, and task management in relation to services you have engaged us to provide.

At any time you can request for this information to be removed from our systems, and will be honoured with the exception being if there is a current or pending dispute where legal action - in which case the information will be stored until a resolution has been reached.

At any time, a customer or subscriber can request to cancel any or all communications from taught + toned.

Protection of Your Personal Information

All your personal information is stored on our secure server, in a password protected environment.  Any work involving third parties and contractors also involves secure project management environments (BaseCamp, FreshBooks) which involve password access and IP tracking of access.

Financial transactions, access to secure areas of the website and other sensitive information are all protected by SSL encryption and secure urls (https).

It is important to point out that even with the very best security practices, any information transmission over the internet cannot be totally guaranteed as secure, and you are advised to also adopt best secure practices to minimize the possibility of your information being accessed (strong passwords, updating passwords regularly and so on).

Sharing Your Personal Information with Others

We do not provide your personal information to others in any circumstances other than in the provision of the service to you which you have contracted us to provide.

We may share non-personally identifying information (as defined earlier) with potential advertisers, partners or affiliates.

Acceptance of Terms of our Privacy Policy

By engaging our services or using this website, you acknowledge acceptance of this Privacy Policy.  If you are not in agreement, please leave the website, or if we are engaged in working for you, notify us in writing that you would like us to cease engaging taught + toned to providing services to you.  Please note that you will still be liable for any completed work already carried out which you have contracted us to carry out.

This Privacy Policy will be regularly updated, and it is your responsibility to view it from time to time to ensure you are fully aware of the current policy.