Can I get together with some girlfriends and be taught as a group?

My preference is one on one but I can see motivational (and financial!) benefits for my clients to train in a group. In order for the sessions to run within the allotted time frames and give you a lot of individual attention I really can’t do more than 2 at a time. Call me for details on cost reduction and how we’ll manage all the initial assessments.

What if I need to cancel a scheduled session?

There will of course be times, no matter how dedicated you are, that you’ll have to cancel a session – life happens, I’m aware of that. If the cancellation is due to something other than a health concern, we would try to get you re-booked in that same week. If this is not possible, or if you become sick, taught + toned will extend the period of completion to a maximum of eight weeks. Of course I’d like as much notice of the cancellation as possible, and multiple cancellations on the day of the appointment will result in the loss of that session.

Is there an age limit?

The short answer is ‘no’. If you are over 45 and haven’t exercised in a long time, you’ll need to seek permission from your General Practitioner to commence an exercise program. I’m happy to speak to any allied health professionals on your behalf if necessary. taught + toned can modify the exercise program to help you work within your limitations.

Will I bulk up from South African Callanetics?

No, definitely not. SA Callanetics creates ‘long lean lines’ – you’ll look toned, and if you want some bulk we can add some very light weights (no more than 1 kilogram in each hand). taught + toned can also modify exercises if you want more bulk (roundness) added to your bottom.

What kind of health benefits can I expect from a well-toned pelvic floor?

The benefits are numerous.
  • Prevention, improvement or correction of prolapsed organs, hernias, and incontinence (the dreaded light bladder leakage which advertisers are trying to say is ‘normal’)
  • Intensified orgasm
  • Improved posture
  • Relief for hips and lower backs by providing core strength and stabilisation.

How does a strong pelvic floor help with exercise?

Apart from the health benefits, a well-exercised pelvic floor allows you to execute exercises much more efficiently, making them incredibly effective. In short, whatever kind of exercise you do … you’ll do better!