about sa callanetics

Elsewhere on this website I mentioned a book on Callanetics that I ‘borrowed’ from a co-worker. The book was Ten years younger in ten hours by a woman called Callan Pinckney.

Callanetics gained popularity in the 80s, most notably in the United States but also in the UK, and to some degree here in Australia. During the 90s exercise specialists in South Africa took Callanetics and developed it into South African Callanetics. Among other improvements, the South African version gained Spiral Dynamics, as devised by movement specialist Dr Christian Larsen. Spiral Dynamics places special emphasis on the pelvic floor and spiral rotations.

With only limited knowledge of the pelvic floor and spiral rotations at the time, I have to admit that at first I was skeptical as to whether South African Callanetics represented any improvement over the original. Putting the exercises into practise myself, it didn’t take long for me to come to understand what a huge difference a well-toned pelvic floor can make.

You can think of South African Callanetics as body sculpting that bears some resemblance to a combination of yoga, pilates and ballet. It works the very deepest muscle layers as it holds the body in an anatomically correct way, often in combination with spiral rotation. It teaches correct posture and can assist with postural corrections, too. Like yoga, there is stretching and holding. Like pilates, it braces the ‘core’, or pelvic floor. All movements are specific, and like ballet, movements are also precise.

Will you feel a burn? Yes you definitely will! Remember that for muscle to gain the hormonal stimulation it needs to become toned, it must burn.

The difference is that it doesn’t take much time. For instance, carrying out a very effective buttock exercise known as ‘twisty legs’ take around two minutes on each leg. Most of my clients need three or four sessions before they can complete a full set. As soon as an exercise targeting a specific muscle is completed, that muscle is stretched.

South African Callanetics doesn’t use any special equipment and it doesn’t add bulk. Instead, it promotes ‘lean lines’, and let’s face it, that’s what most of us are after. The day after a taught + toned session you’ll be able to feel that you’ve done it, but you won’t get the ache that you can get from an ordinary gym workout.

If you’re ready to see a difference, the good news is that with South African Callanetics you’ll see it very quickly.