I'm a woman on a mission.  My mission is to demonstrate to women that you can have an exercise routine that will deliver the results you want - quickly, safely, efficiently.  

Do you want;

Measurable visible changes to your body in hours - not weeks or months?
Nicely developed muscle tone, in long lean lines?
To not feel sore afterwards or the next day
Improve your posture?
Develop your pelvic floor?
Increase body awareness?
To decrease appetite?
Improve balance?

Let me show you how South African Callanetics through taught + toned will do all this and more.

SA Callanetics is very gentle on joints and ligaments.  It was originally developed by some one with sore knees and a bad back. There's no jumping around - in fact some of the movements are so small it's hard to see them, although you will definitely feel them. There’s hardly any sweating and most women don’t even need a shower or fresh make up after a session.

So why is SA Callanetics so efficient?

In nature one of the strongest structures are spirals. Our clever bodies also have our muscles spirally arranged.  SA Callanetics makes good use of this by working with this spiral alignment.  This means that the muscles are worked at their deepest levels and the body responds magnificently. You really are working the body from the inside out and it pulls in and tightens in record time (one hour of SA Callanetics = 24 hours of aerobics in terms of visible results).  Count on three hours a week to get the shape you want and 2 hours a week to maintain it.  That's not a lot in the big scheme of things now is it?

A word about the pelvic floor.

When I talk to women about their pelvic floors their eyes tend to glaze over and they usually mumble something about having done some after the birth of their children...but...ah yeah not for a while.  Most women I talk to were taught Kegal exercises.  For me, the discovery of what the pelvic floor actually is and the difference it makes to the effectiveness of exercise, is nothing short of remarkable.  I've listed a few things you may not have known about the pelvic floor.

And now for some of the benefits

taught + toned 
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